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Show Tickets

Show Tickets is a Western Austrlian Company dedicated to bringing the best live performces in new and exciting venues across Perth.

We working with the very best promoters to bring artists that the punters of Perth will enjoy in seated or non seated arrangements.

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Show Ticketse Ticketing is proud to announce the opening on the Gate One theater in the Claremont Show Grounds in Perth!

More local venues will be added shortly.

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Show Tickets is a fantastic way to safely and securely buy live performance tickets at some of your favourite Clubs, Pubs and Theatres around Australia!

Show Tickets
ABN:  42 615879000
1 Graylands Road Claremont.

Contact: [email protected] or phone (08) 6109 0242

Show Tickets business hours are10am to 5pm weekdays (excluding public holidays).

Using Show Tickets does not cost a cent to the Promoter/Venue. All Show Tickets services are covered by the booking fee added to the ticket price. The promoter retains the full value of the ticket. Whether you are running a venue, staging a festival, or putting on a one-off event, Show Tickets has a ticketing solution to suit. The Show Tickets servers can handle very large on-sale loads, making the biggest on-sale day worry free.

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