Perth Wrestling – Fall From Grace

Perth Wrestling – Fall From Grace

October 13, 2018

Price:$23.30 + CC Fees Ages:All Type:General Admission - All Ages Notes:*** ADULT TICKET - ALL AGES ***

Price:$12.20 + CC Fees Ages:All Type:General Admission - Kids 16 and Under Notes:*** CHILD TICKET - ID MAYBE REQUIRED ***

Price:$54.40 + CC Fees Ages:All Type:General Admission - Family Pass 2 Adults + 2 Kids Notes:*** FAMILY PASS 2 ADULTS + 2 CHILDREN. ALL AGES ***

Perth’s hottest live entertainment crashes into to Gate One for a night of family-friendly professional wrestling, as NHPW brings you Fall From Grace.

NHPW has been holding events all around metro and regional WA since 2009, from Capel to Malaga and everywhere in between, and now Claremont will become a part of the action, with over 7 huge matches including multiple championship prize-fights, high-flying lucha action, towering titans, entertaining characters and more wrestlers than you can shake a stick at!

Former Art of Fighting Champion and current world-traveller “Irish Fury” Aaron O’Malley, fresh off becoming the first-ever WAW International Champion is returning home to try and reclaim the title once held by Adam Cole, Homicide, Polynesian Warrior Mana and more, off the man who took it from him – “The Don” Michael Morleone!

Perths’ first Indygurlz Fighter, Lena Kross, is seeking championship gold of her own after failing to beat “Punisher” Madison Eagles for the Global Conflict Shield, as she battles “Future Legend” Rogan Karguis for the Warrior Rising Championship.

Meanwhile, strongman Vincent Sterling faces the biggest challenge of his career thus far, when he goes toe-to-toe with the self-proclaimed “Hottest Man Alive” and “Prince of Perth”, Jay Taylor! With over 12 years of experience, JT is looking to notch another mark into his bedpost, but Sterling’s immense strength will pose a unique challenge for the sleazy scrapper.

Tag Team wrestling has always been a speciality of NHPW, and the SST Tag Team Champions have been going to war to keep their titles ever since capturing them in February. Their feud with the Flashbacks can no longer be contained by any normal fight – instead, the outback brawlers known as Society’s Unwanted will take on Gorgeous Garry and Johnny Hardway in a No Disqualification match!

Music and Wrestling collide as former Hybrid Champion and lead singer of Idle Eyes – King Shahil – will be taking on a graduate of Lance Storm’s Wrestling Academy in Julian Ward. Both men sorely need to win this one, so they can start climbing the ladder of success once more.

Also in action will be local luchadors Del Cano & Cannon Connors, fan favorites Kenicki Wheeler & Jono Petreski, Salem Sixx, “Persian Playboy” Lazar Armani, London Hargreaves, and the angry old man of wrestling, “Australian Gothic” Heritor!