EPW – ReAwakening XVIII

EPW – ReAwakening XVIII

November 9, 2019

Price:$40.00 + CC Fees Ages:All Type:Premium Notes:*** PREMIUM SECOND ROW ***

Price:$30.00 + CC Fees Ages:All Type:General Admission - All Ages Notes:***ADULT GA SEATING ***

Price:$20.00 + CC Fees Ages:All Type:General Admission - Kids 16 and Under Notes:***CHILDREN 16 AND UNDER GA SEATING *** MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT/GUARDIAN


You’re invited! Explosive Pro Wrestling is celebrating its 18th birthday at EPW’s RE-AWAKENING XVIII on November 9. It won’t be all birthday cake and party poppers though, as the action will be intense in some of the most hotly contested, high stakes match-ups in EPW history.

EPW Champion “THE DON” MICHAEL MORLEONE has been going from strength to strength in his reign as Champion, taking on challenges from some of the greatest names in EPW history. His greatest challenge may yet lay ahead of him by the way of the Challenger “MAD” MIKEY NICHOLLS. MIKEY NICHOLLS has been an unstoppable force since his return to EPW. Taking upon the experience gained through an international career and learning from some of the greatest minds and coaches in WWE NXT, NICHOLLS has looked a step above and somehow even better than the grappler who previously held the EPW Championship on two occasions. “THE DON” MICHAEL MORLEONE is a force to be reckoned with. At Hell or Highwater he added DAVIS STORM to his list of Championship match victims for a second time. No matter the challenge or opponent, MORLEONE has come up victorious in these big EPW Championship matches. MIKEY NICHOLLS is no ordinary challenger and you can bet both men will be bringing it all to leave EPW’s 18th birthday party/RE-AWAKENING XVIII as the standard bearer of Explosive Pro Wrestling.

The STREET GANG HOOLIGANS are unquestionably THE team in Explosive Pro Wrestling, if not the entire Australian tag team wrestling scene. Every time ALEX KINGSTON and LOGAN GREY enter the ring, they raise their game to another level. It’s little wonder that THE HOOLIGANS are so popular with our great fans. A group that cares very little about the fans or anybody’s perception of them is THE PLAGUE. The quartet of DAN STEEL, TWITCH, AARON HAWK and JONATHAN WINDSOR have felt disrespected by a perceived lack of opportunities. They took matters into their own hands with a sneak attack on the EPW Tag Team Champions leading, to KINGSTON and GREY laying out this challenge with a stipulation of THE PLAGUE’s choosing. THE PLAGUE wasted little time in making this match a Claremont Street Fight – a situation that puts the odds heavily in the Challengers’ favour.

Plus the EPW Invitational Tournament is decided as GAVIN MCGAVIN, JULIAN WARD, DAN MOORE and KIEL STERIA compete to determine the 2019 EPW Invitational Tournament winner. DAVIS STORM teams up with his long-time ally RICHTER, who made a shocking return to face off with THE UNTOUCHABLES (DAMIAN SLATER and MARCIUS PITT) at RE-AWAKENING XVIII.

Who knows what other moments, matches and surprises will be in store at EPW’s birthday party as we celebrate 18 years of premium Western Australian professional wrestling at RE-AWAKENING XVIII.

*Card subject to change.