Conditions of Sale and Admission

The sale of this ticket (and any additional tickets purchased at the same time) is subject to and conditional upon the following terms and conditions:-

1.         All conditions shown on this ticket are to be read together with all other statements or directives either shown on this ticket or displayed at the premises.

2.         This ticket may not, without the prior consent of the promoter or venue, be resold or offered for resale at a premium over the face value of the ticket (including via on-line auction sites) or used for advertising, promoting or other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services either by the original purchaser from the Promoter or any subsequent ticket holder. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the Promoter/ Venue reserves the right to cancel the ticket without a refund.

3          This ticket is only valid when purchased from official agents. Tickets bought from other sources may be refused entry.

If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the Promoter / Venue reserves the right to cancel the ticket without a refund.

4.         The Promoter/Venue reserves the right to enforce published ticket purchase limits and cancel any tickets obtained above said limits by any one customer.

5.         Occasionally, events are cancelled or postponed by the Promoter/Venue due to weather conditions or situations affecting the staff or audience.

When this occurs, the Promoter/Venue will make every effort to ensure you receive a prompt refund and/or exchange if applicable.

a)    If an event is cancelled or postponed, refunds will be determined by the Promoter/Venue. To find out about the refund availability and process:

i)  you will be notified by email if you have opted in to receive email updates; or
ii) you can review notices posted on the Promoter/Venue’s website or contact the Promoter/Venue’s via the email address supplied on the Promoter/Venue’s Show Tickets listing.
iii) If the event was moved or rescheduled, the Promoter/Venue’s may set refund limitations. Contact the Promoter/Venue’s for exact instructions.
iv) If a refund has been confirmed by Show Tickets then the following refund method applies:

If you booked online using a credit card, Show Tickets will automatically refund to the credit card used for purchase within 14 days of notifying you that a refund for this event applies.
If you purchased the ticket(s) independently of Show Tickets you will need to return the tickets directly to the place where you purchased the tickets.

6.         Save as required by law, tickets will not be replaced nor money refunded after purchase. The Promoter/Venue does not offer refund in the event of lost, stolen or damaged tickets or where the ticket holder cannot attend the event due to reasons beyond the Promoter/Venue’s control.

7.         The Promoter reserves the right to change the lineup, venue and/or the date of the event without prior notification. Refunds for changes to headlining/main act will be at the Promoters/Venues discretion.

8.         The Promoter/Venue reserves the right to refuse a ticketholder admission to the event or to evict that person from the event in any of the following circumstances:

a)    if the ticketholder fails to produce any or any lawful identification as proof of age;

b)   if the ticketholder refuses to allow him or herself to be scanned at at an ID/biometric scanning terminal (if used by the venue)

c)    if the ticketholder has been previously banned from entering the venue where the event is to be held for whatever reason;

d)   if the ticket has been sold or used in breach of conditions 2 or 3;

e)    if the ticketholder refuses to make their clothes, bags, containers or other possessions available for search by the Promoter / Venue and it’s agents;

f)     if the ticketholder is affected by the consumption of alcohol or drugs;

g)    if the ticketholder participates in dangerous activities including aggressive dancing, moshing, stage diving, crowd surfing and climbing;

h)    if the ticket holder breaks any of the venues code of conduct or dress code.

9.         Entry to the venue is at the ticketholders own risk.

10.       Small still cameras, including small digital cameras, are permitted but no sound or video recorders will be allowed inside the Venue. Professional cameras of any kind are not allowed on site without authority from the Promoter / Venue.

12.       Bottles, cans, weapons, lasers, fireworks, umbrellas, illicit drugs and alcohol are prohibited items and will not be permitted in to the Venue. All bags/containers are subject to a full search at entry to ensure the safety of patrons. Prohibited items that are confiscated will not be returned.

13.       Ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording as members of the audience.

14.       No pass outs will be issued unless otherwise advised.

15.       In the case of an emergency evacuation or situation, you must follow all official directives.

16.       If you feel at any time your or anyone else’s health or safety is threatened, you should contact the nearest security guard.

Ticket Purchasing Website Terms and Conditions

1. These conditions are read in conjunction with the Show Tickets conditions of sale and admission.

2.  Photo ID is essential,­ acceptable ID is a current and valid Australian Photo Drivers Licence, Passport or Proof Of Age card.

3.  All children under 18 not permitted.

4.  Unless otherwise stated, tickets will be delivered electronically via email and PDF attachment. Tickets will also sent via SMS to the ticket holder and be viewed and presented on entry using a compatible 3G/4G smartphone

5.  Once your order has been received and your tickets delivered electronically. Save as required by law, tickets are not replaced nor money refunded after purchase. Show Tickets and the Promoter/Venue does not issue refunds for lost, stolen or damaged tickets, or where the ticket holder cannot attend the festival due to reasons beyond the Promoter’s control.

6. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

7. No venue or outlet collections.

8. The Promoter/Venue has the right to refuse to sell tickets to any person.

9. Please check all details carefully as incorrect data can lead to processing and postage delays, resulting in customer disappointment.